Say hello to Ollie!

Our innovative software is being used to help...

  • Home care agencies - Manage more clients with less staff
  • Assisted living / Skilled Nursing - Improve operational efficiency and resident well-being
  • Hospitals - Provide more services at a lower operational cost
  • Non-Profit Organizations - Provide more outreach care to isolated individuals
  • Friends & Family - Improve communication and provide peace of mind

Our focus


Evidence has shown that social isolation leads to a decrease in overall health and happiness. We have built features that encourage people with no computer experience the ability to easily connect with their family and friends.


People that are older and sicker need to be closely monitored. Vital sign monitoring is just a small part of the extensive feature set that allows Ollie the ability to dramatically improve an individuals health.


What's the point of building great technology if it is too complicated to use? We have designed Ollie to be the most easy to use system for the senior as well as the administrator.


We believe that there is not a "one size fits all" when it comes to delivering a technology solution. Ollie can be easily customized at the group or individual level to help insure engagement.